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Kappa Pi Chapter | University of North Florida
Our Chapter

"Who Are We? Ospreys!  What Do We Do? Swoooooooop!"

The Kappa Pi Chapter of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded on December 5, 1981, at the University of North Florida. Evolving from the Delta Pi Colony, the Kappa Pi Chapter began with twenty-nine (29) members.

The Kappa Pi Chapter is the 201st chapter chartered by the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. Karen Crabbe was the Colony President and was the driving force behind getting its charter. To Kappa Pi, she is known as Mother Crabbe for her efforts in founding our chapter.

The Chapter is a proud member of the Southeastern Province and Atlantic Coast Region for over 33 years. Kappa Pi has been a pillar of social change and responsibility at the University of North Florida. Kappa Pi has over 717 initiates, of which they all yell, "SWOOOOOOOOOP!"

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Executive Committee

President: Rachel House

Senior Vice President:

VP of Pledge Education: Sarah Holcomb

VP of Finance: Lauren Stitt

VP of Professional Events: Marisa Jeancola

VP of Chapter Operations: Tamicha Laveus

VP of Community Service: Roguens Stinvil

VP of Alumni Relations: Amanda Rees